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SILMAPROCESS AL1142A by Silma is a masterbatch of high viscosity polysiloxane lubricant on polyolefin carrier. It is employed in the halogen-free compounds as a processing aid, homogeneity & trough output improver, flame retardant synergist (L.O.I.) and smoke suppressant. It improves abrasion resistance & mechanical properties. It also functions as a slipping- and releasing agent during the extrusion of cables. It reduces the melt viscosity when used in the compounding process with benefits for the through-output, stability and compound homogeneity. It improves the surface quality of the finished goods. It decreases the scraps, surface defects and eliminates die droll problems. It shows better behavior in CPR & dispersion, smoother surface, higher elongation at break, filler loading and extrusion speed. SILMAPROCESS AL1142A is used in PE/EVA/POE compounds filled with natural ATH/MDH, TPE and in both thermoplastic & rubber applications.


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