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Success is on the road


Innovation is the key to success, that much is certain for Silma Srl, based in Poggio a Caiano in the province of Prato (Toscana). Thanks to its innovative strength, the Italian company has succeeded in turning the economic crisis of 2008/09 into a success story for itself. Today, the small company exports its high-quality products, especially from the PET sector, on a global level and, alongside the large multinational corporations, are among the most important players in the industry.


“We offer a range of products that are not so easy to find elsewhere,” explains Stefano Barbini, who is not only the managing director and founder of Silma Srl, but also personally oversees the technology and R&D departments as head.

Stefano Barbini spent the first few years after founding the company as a simple worker in his own company in order to get to know everything exactly. “Since I did not come from the industry, I had my head completely free of schemata. I may have been a little inexperienced as a result, but perhaps that is precisely why I have succeeded in developing some innovative masterbatches for the market.”

“It is essential to be innovative to survive”.

Stefano Barbini
Silma S.r.l.

Leader in the market

The company is very strong in the area of ​​thermoplastic masterbatches, which contain 50 to 70% silanes and silicones – in this area Silma is one of the few remaining producers. But Silma is also one of the market leaders in the latest corporate division, halogen-free, phosphorus-based fire retardants.

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